As you create or upload new waveforms, your previous waveforms from this session will be moved to this panel, so that you may get them back.

Note that waveforms are not saved between sessions, so make sure to download anything you want to keep.

Please consider sharing the waveforms that you create. It's easy, private, and helpful to other Evolver users.

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About WAV2Evolver

WAV2Evolver is an online waveform conversion application for users of the Dave Smith Instruments Evolver family of synthesizers.

It allows you to upload WAV files containing single-cycle waveforms, and then download them as system exclusive files that the Evolver can understand. You may also download waveforms as RAW PCM files or new WAV files. The RAW and WAV files downloaded from this application use Evolver-friendly 128-sample, 16-bit PCM.

WAV2Evolver is also a waveform sharing application. You may view and download waveforms that others have generated, and you may share waveforms that you have generated. I encourage you to share your waveforms, although this is completely optional.

WAV2Evolver is an HTML5 application. If it's not working for you, please try using an up-to-date web browser. WAV2Evolver was written with the following technologies: jQuery and Bootstrap were used to construct the interface; PHP was used for the web services that transfer data to and from the application; the waveform conversion tools are written in C. The icons are by Glyphicons.

All of the code for this project is open-source. It will be available on GitHub soon.

Special thanks to forum user Razmo for his invaluable help in proving out the conversion code, long before I had an Evolver of my own.


What to Upload

The Evolver supports user waveforms as single-cycle waves. If you don't know how to produce a single-cycle wave, please see this topic on the DSI Lifeboat Forum.

WAV2Evolver will accept mono or stereo WAV files. If the WAV is stereo, only the left channel will be converted.

WAV files must be less than 60000 bytes in size. This is actually extermely big for a single-cycle waveform. Your WAV files should probably not be more than 1000 bytes or so.

WAV files must be in 16-bit, 24-bit, or 32-bit signed PCM format, or in 8-bit signed format. You can usually set the format with your waveform editing software.



WAV2Evolver does not require an account to use. No personally-identifying information is asked for or required.

WAV2Evolver uses session cookies to associate your browser session with your My Waveforms data, and other data necessary to the operation of the software. No information in these cookies will persist beyond the current browser session, and no cookies will persist outside this domain.

WAV2Evolver logs IP addresses for Library waveform downloads. This information is used only for analytic purposes and potential abuse investigations. It will be used in the future to calcuate the popularity of specific waveforms by allowing the software to ignore multiple downloads from the same IP.

WAV2Evolver strips metadata from uploaded WAV files. If you share your waveforms, none of the original XML metadata will be saved in the database. Waveforms downloaded as WAV files will contain only the metadata necessary to describe the physical characteristics of the waveform (number of channels, bit resolution, size, etc.).



If you have questions, comments, bug reports, or ideas for future enhancements, I can be reached via private message at Dave Smith Instruments Lifeboat or at DSI/Prophet Forum. I am chysn on both.

The Lifeboat forum has a topic dedicated to WAV2Evolver support, which is right here.